I hope this guide will help you make cool things for your server. I spent on this guide a lot of time with checking Discord API documentation and testing webhooks with different parameters. The main reason why I made this guide is there was no detailed guide about using webhooks. Existing ones describe using webhooks with known services with premade json body without showing how flexible settings are. Existing ones were like copy&paste and nothing more. I do not like that.

If you wanna suggest something, like Applet recipe or something fancy, please, let me know. My Discord tag is Birdieā™«#6017

Also I want to say thank you to these people:

  • LEGION#0240 - grammar fixes and pre-release testing
  • Delta#5728 - pre-release testing
  • WolfGang1710#6782 - pre-release testing
  • DarkPro1337#4304 - russian translation

You are awesome!!!