Insomnia is a GUI tool similar to Postman for sending web requests.

Download it from official website. Available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Here's how to use it:

  1. Click + on the left, choose New Request, in dialog window press Create.
  2. Click on dropdown in front of URL field and choose POST.
  3. Paste Webhook URL in URL field.
  4. Click Body dropdown, choose JSON.
  5. Paste the body below.
  6. Press Send.
  7. If status shows 204 No Content means request succeed!

Insomnia example

Sending attachments

To send attachment(s):

  1. Switch Body format from JSON to Multipart Form.
  2. Click on arrow icon, choose File.
  3. Click Choose File and select file.
  4. Repeat if you want to add more attachments.
  5. To add json to request add key with payload_json name and json body value (both Text and Text (Multi-line) are fine).

Insomnia example